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Center Affiliate Dr. Susan Holechek’s BIO 101 Class Featured in the Wall Street Journal


Dr. Susan Holechek, in the School of Life Sciences, was recently featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal for the new approach taken in her BIO 101 class, which aims to change the traditional lecture-homework-exam model in higher education and adapt to one for students who have grown up in a technology-saturated environment. The model helps to prepare a diverse student population for collaborative work and using technology for problem solving. Click here for more....

MTBI Alum Recognized with Prestigious Adams Prize

MTBI alumna Heather Harrington, associate professor and Royal Society University Research Fellow at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, is a co-winner, along with Dr Luitgard Veraart (London School of Economics and Political Science) of the 2019 Adams Prize of the University of Cambridge. The topic is “The Mathematics of Networks.”

The Adams Prize, awarded by the University of Cambridge, is one of the university's oldest and most prestigious prizes. Named after the mathematician John Couch Adams, it was established in commemoration of Adams's work in discovering the planet Neptune (through calculation of discrepancies in Uranus’ orbit).

MTBI was established at Cornell University in 1996 and is celebrating its 24th year. It was run jointly with Los Alamos National Laboratory and Cornell in 2003 and from 2004-05 with the Center for Nonlinear Studies at LANL and Arizona State University. It has since been housed at ASU with the support of the National Science Foundation and the National Security Agency, as well as the Office of the President (ASU). Each year its attendees are approximately 50 percent underrepresented minorities. MTBI alumni have earned 164 doctoral degrees (151 since 2006). They have taken distinguished postdoctoral positions and now hold positions in academia across the nation and globe, as well as in high-powered private industry organizations.

Dr. Harrington attended MTBI in 2005 and received her PhD from Imperial College in 2010 in Applied Mathematics. According to the Oxford and Turing Institute, her research focuses on the problem of reconciling models and data by extracting information about the structure of models and the shape of data.

Two AMLSS students prepare for doctoral dissertation defenses

Byong Kwon














Byong Kwon (“BK”) and Fan Yu, students in the Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences doctoral program, will present their defenses on Monday, September 23. Fan’s work, Attention Harvesting for Knowledge Production, will be presented in the morning, with BK’s defense, Lifelong Adaptive Neuronal Learning for Autonomous Multi-Robot Demining in Colombia, and Enhancing the Science, Technology and Innovation Capacity of the Ejército Nacional de Colombia, the same afternoon. Please join us in wishing these students success in their defenses!

Team of Levin Center researchers and colleagues publish in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface

Center faculty Dr. Anuj Mubayi and researchers from the US and Latin America have published a paper, “Data scarcity and ecological complexity: the cutaneous leishmaniasis dynamics in Ecuador,” in the Journal of the Royal Society interface. The article, which discusses the idea that there is a strong link between the ecological diversity of an ecosystem and the presence of alternative and reservoir hosts and a plentitude of sand fly species, was published in August 2019. Authors include Diego Morales, ASU graduates Emmanuel J. Morales-Butler, Maytee Cruz-Aponte, Levin Center affiliates Leon Arriola, Varsovia Cevallos, and Patricio Ponce.

New Postdocs Join Levin Center

Anarina Murillo and Marisabel Rodriguez-Messan have joined the Levin Center team as postdoctoral associates. Anarina received her doctoral degree from ASU’s Applied Mathematics in the Life and Social Sciences and has postdoctoral experience at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her research focuses on biostatistics and biomathematics in diabetes, nutrition, obesity, and other epidemiological applications. Marisabel received her PhD from the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at ASU, and worked as an instructor at Dartmouth College before joining the Center. Her work is in mathematical biology, with applications in ecology, infectious disease, and social sciences. Both Anarina and Marisabel are currently working with Director Emeritus Carlos Castillo-Chavez for the fall semester. Please join us in welcoming these talented young researchers.