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AMLSS students successfully defend their doctoral theses


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We are pleased to congratulate the most recent Applied Mathematics in the Life and Social Sciences doctoral candidates on successfully defending their doctoral theses.  They are:


Linda Agoune, “Impact of Teaching an Interdisciplinary Course "Introduction of Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences" on High School Students' Skills and Attitudes Towards Mathematics in a JBMSHP Summer Program.”


Mugdha Thakur, “Mathematical Modeling of Systematic Treatment Implementation and Dynamics of Neglected Tropical Diseases: Case Studies of Visceral Leishmaniasis & Soil-Transmitted Helminths.”


Cesar Montalvo, “The Influence of Class Nonlinear Dynamics and Education on Socio-Economic Mobility.”


Dustin Padilla, “Modeling the Role of Land-Use Change on the Spread of Infectious Disease.”


Please join us in congratulating these students on achieving this milestone