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Friday Meeting Series

The Levin Center invites scholars and students to present their research to guests and graduate students on each Friday of the week.

Our Friday speaker series is held every Friday starting at noon, in the Enginering Center A wing (ECA) building room 375.

Friday Meeting Series Schedule

DateSpeakerStudent/Postdoc/GuestTitles of Presentations
8/23/2019Anuj Mubayi, Adam Lampert & Yun KangIntroduction MeetingGives new students an opportunity to meet the returning students.
8/30/2019Josean Velasquez & Jun ChenGraduate StudentsJosean: Mathematical Modeling of the Transmission of Chytrid Fungus in Coqui Population & Jun: Impact of spatial heterogeneity in agent spread among ant colonies.
9/02/2019----------LABOR DAY
9/06/2019Adam LampertAssistant Professor with the School of Human Evolution and Social ChangeDiscussion
9/13/2019Jack Pringle & Fan YuGraduate StudentsJack: A Mathematical Examination of Wolf Reintroduction in Yellowstone National Park: Capturing the Mechanisms of Predator-Dependent Birth Rates of Prey & Fan: Attention harvesting for knowledge production.
9/20/2019Daniel Carrera Pineyro & Gabby NavasGraduate StudentsDaniel: Modeling the Dynamics and control of Lyme Disease in a tick-mouse system subject to vaccination & Gabby: A Model for Quorum Based Recruitment Behavior in Temnothorax Ants.
9/27/2019Dustin Padilla & Michael LinGraduate StudentsThe Interactive Plan of Study (iPOS) Workshop
10/4/2019Dr. Karyn SuttonIDM Institute For Disease ModelingDr. Sutton will introduce students to the Institute for Disease Modeling, its role in shaping decisions and implementation of those decisions, and the role of mathematical and computational modeling therein.
10/11/2019Lucero RodriguezGraduate StudentA Stage Structured Model of the Impact of Buffelgrass on Saguaro Cacti and their Nurse Trees.
10/12-15/2019----------FALL BREAK
10/18/2019Asma Azizi BoroojeniPostdocUQ of Predictions by Epidemic Percolation Network Models.
10/25/2019Michael LinGraduate StudentAgent-based modeling of Speed Distribution Dynamics in Alarmed Ants.
11/1/2019Dustin PadillaGraduate StudentModeling the role of habitat fragmentation on the spread of zoonotic infectious diseases.
11/8/2019Fred BrauerResearch ProfessorTBD
11/15/2019Linda AgouneGraduate StudentAssessing student changes in skills & attitudes towards math.
11/22/2019Juan RenovaGraduate StudentTBD
11/29/2019----------THANKSGIVING BREAK
12/6/2019The last meeting of each semester; we will meet & talk about how the semester went.