About us

The Simon A. Levin Mathematical, Computational and Modeling Sciences Center (Levin Center) is a research center that encourages quantitative scientists and mathematicians from all corners of the university to focus on research driven by “solutions” rather than “disciplines.”
Our vision is to train a new generation of diverse, cross-disciplinary researchers who specialize in applying computational, mathematical, modeling, and simulation approaches to solving problems that will improve the human condition.

Center goals:

To promote and support cross-disciplinary research between the biological, environmental, and social sciences and the mathematical sciences;

  • Facilitate the development of computational, modeling and theoretical frameworks that help integrate knowledge over multiple temporal, spatial and organizational scales:
  • Expand, re-adapt, or innovate applied mathematics and computational tool kits
  • Support the applied mathematics in the life and social sciences degree programs, which are administered in the School of Complex Adaptive Systems.

Research areas:

The Levin Center members have a history of stimulating synergistic cross-disciplinary activities, and initiating biological, environmental and sociological research that involves a significant use of quantitative methods—mathematics, modeling, statistics and simulations.

  • Public Health
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Social Dynamics
  • Human-Environmental Interactions
  • Theoretical Biology
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Statistics and Simulations