Thor Eckman, an ASU Mathematics and Chemistry double major, received the $1,000 scholarship named after Dr. Joaquin Bustoz.


Thor Eckman, an ASU sophomore double majoring in Mathematics and Chemistry, received the 2023 Joaquin Bustoz Memorial Scholarship award at the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences award ceremony. Thor attended the JBMSHP from 2020-2022 and participated in MAT 265: Calculus for Engineers I and CSE 110: Principles of Programming with Java courses in addition to the JBMSHP virtual community.

Since 2003, 18 JBMSHP alumni majoring in Mathematics at ASU have received this scholarship. The Joaquin Bustoz Memorial Mathematics Scholarship is named in honor of Professor Joaquin Bustoz, the JBMSHP founding director and namesake. Dr. Joaquin Bustoz’s defining characteristic was his passion not only for the field of mathematics but also for helping talented minority students achieve their full potential. Donor contributions to the scholarship make it possible for first-generation undergraduate students to explore and excel in the field of mathematics.

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