The JBMSHP joined over 40 pre-college STEM programs at the spring 2023 convening in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


The JBMSHP is a proud partner of the STEM PUSH Network. STEM PUSH, an NSF INCLUDES Alliance, is working to leverage the power of pre-college STEM programs (PCSPs) to broaden participation of Black, Latina/o/e, and Indigenous students in STEM, and, together with its partners, create systemic change in higher education admissions. During the spring convening, more than 40 pre-college STEM programs from across the nation came together to exchange ideas, foster collaboration on best practices, and gain valuable insights from one another, enriching their respective programs in the process.

The JBMSHP is the only pre-college STEM program from Arizona State University to participate in the STEM PUSH Network. Learn more about the STEM PUSH Network Click Here